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ClueWordGirls' name
quandary with two outcomesJane Austen book
relating to numbers... Durance, Smallville actress
grassland... Nicole Smith
honestEighth book of the Bible
traditionalQueen of Scots
someone who spoils the fun of others... Williams, double act with John Paul White
vendor... Macpherson
generally; relating to everything... Morgan, 'psychic'
autobiographer... Murdoch, author
desperation... Adler, Sherlock Holmes character
ClueWordGirls' name
kleenexA Boy Named ...
miser... Winslet
tried outUncle ..., American icon
amateur singalong... Tointon, British EastEnders actress
completely... Valance, actress/singer
indifference... Benatar
over-protect... Ringwald
spotty dog... Cogan, '60s pop star
something accomplishedthe first woman
a room; part of a gun... Heard, star of All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

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