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What is the name of the bi sexual girl?Season 2
What is the song that Ellie dies to?Season 3
What do Nathan and Tim dress up as for dare night?Season 2
What is the name of Tree Hill's Principal?Season 4
What do Peyton and Brooke do with the letter from Lucas?Season 2
Who is Rachel with in the black out?Season 3
What song do the oth girls dance to in season 4?Season 4
Where is the final sceane of season 4?Season 4
What movie do Bevin and Skills watch?Season 3
Who does Peyton box?Season 4
Who has to many pain killers?Season 1
What does Hayley buy Nathan on their first date?Season 1
Who is Mouth's first girlfriend?Season 2
Who is Hayley's partner in the class assignment episode in season 4?Season 4
Which main character is not in the pilot?Season 1
Who tries to kill Dan in season 2?Season 2
What does Nathan sell for his first job?Season 1
Who is the first person to read Lucas's book?Season 4
What class is Brooke failing?Season 4
Who proposes: Karen or Keith?Season 3
What was Shelly president of?Season 4
Who released the time capsule?Season 3
Bonus: Holiday. Holiday. It's the best day. it's an ____ day.Season 2

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