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What song was parodied by the sophomores in Winter Conference 2008?
Where was STP 2009?
Who is Jate88 also known as
Norman Tsai was videotaped preparing what animal
What city did VSET 2008 Debrief in?
Who else from ICA did Matt Gunawan go to High School With
What Major is Amy Lin?
Who as the screenname: Pepesfamouscafe
According to Fabian, 'I like these potato ______'
What does the T in STP stand for
What color is the Winter Conference t-shirt of 2010
After Lorin Chak, who is known as ICA's best chef?
Daniel Lieu once suggested the name PMS to replace what?
What is the unofficial ICA Assurance of Persecution
Who was Steph discipled by?
What type of ethnic food does Nak Won and Hodori serve
Which sunday does ICA typically do communion
What was the theme to 2008 Banquet
Who said 'Good, you don't smell like stones'
What city is Aaron Mori from?
1 John 1:9 is used for which of the 5 Assurances?
Who asked: I don't ask questions do I?
Who is known for their line 'you don't understand, it was all over the place'
What Physical Activity is featured in all ICA training programs?
Praise night was also suggested to be called what?
What is the second assurance in the assurances bible study
Elliot once asked someone if they are part of what?
What city is Caleb Molitoris from?
David Kim carries around what version bible?
Where did Pastor Min go to seminary
If You don't go to this movie you'll be the ONLY one who doesn't go
Where is Conrad's Church?
In ICA we play Fugitive, what was the name of the sequel to the movie Fugitive
What does DFD stand for
What was the Kyrgyzstan team in 2008 famous for eating
Starting 2009, how much does VSET cost for a new-comer?
Who is
What was the theme to Winter Conference 2008?
How often does ICA perform baptisms?
Where was Rally held in Fall of 2007?
What floor is Quiet Times on?
Which 2008 Team is banned from China
What time does Praise Night start?
Who shouted 'Leroy Jenkins' during a game of Halo?
Typically how long is STP?
From what verse does the name WHEC derive from?
Who shares Erick Loh's initials of EYL
What is Pastor Min's bang card name?
Generally, how long is each session in VSET
What is Joe Dickan's Bang Card title?
What is the Name of DFD 1
In the Race Skit, What movie does the main theme song come from?
Until they stopped giving free refills, what is the name of the Pho restaurant ICA used to go to?
Who said 'Erick your prayer failed'
Who MCed Banquet in 2008
Romans 12:2 belongs to which topic in TMS
What is one of two verses in the TMS category 'Christ Paid the Penalty
How many colored packs are there in TMS 180
What is the middle finger of the word hand?
What time does Rally Start?
Typically when is ETP?
in the bridge illustration, name 1 thing out of the 6 that God gives us in the beginning
Which theme park did ICA visit in Fall 2008?
Who went from UCLA staff to Berkeley Staff?
According To Peter, who has the nickname 'The Bus'
Who MCed Cafe night in 2008?
What car did Steph drive before her camry
What car did Erick Loh drive before his Audi?
What is the Desert Song in ICA
Amy Lin was first involved with this ministry before ICA
What time is Dorm Dinner?
According to Navpress, how many DFDs have been sold?
What is the name of DFD 3?
Who is Overratedstars?
Who MCed 1st week of 2010
What Dance program does Elaine Lee participate in
Where does ICA traditionally stop at after winter conference for dinner
What song is known as the Prison Song
Finish the VSET version of this song 'Every move I make I make in you, you are my way my _______'
'It's not required!? Elliot give me back my password' refers to what?
Who has the screenname Neoanimez
Peter loves this particular basketball team
At ICA's christmas parties, what gift game do we usually play
What is the first verse in C pack from TMS 60
What city is Johnny Kim specifically from?
In the Jack and Annie skit, who is Annie tempted by
'Thumbs up! Elbows out, Knees Bent' is part of what song?
what does NT stand for in ICA?
If looked at the first letter, what does Jason and his sibling's first initial spell out
What does M stand for in the M pack verses
What does the T in TMS stand for
Where does Cafe Run usually take place?
ICA went to this theme park in Winter Break 2008
Amy Chen, Tiff Chen and who else came to Christ in their freshmen year
What verse is used in the bridge about philosophy
According to Erick Loh, what disney/pixar character does Steph represent
What school did Tim Huang attend before UCLA
Who was Amy Lin, Leo Jeng, and Neil Huang's team leader in 2008
If Sharon Says something what is she talking about?
Who was Johnny Kim's teaching partner in 2008 VSET?
Which ICA sister attended Harvard Dental School after UCLA
Who was a women's leader for China's team in 2009?
Which boba store does ICA visit the most
What City is Amy Chen from?
azninpinkx3 is also known as
Pastor Wevodau mentioned that he ministered to his neighbor __________ until he moved away
According to Peter Ding, who is Iron Man
What year did Michael G Wong graduate from UCLA
Erick Loh says that the song God is Great has a '___________' beat
What was Matt Gunawan's major before going to Law School
Acts 24:16 and Leviticus 19:11 belong to what topic in TMS 60
In the TMS category name one of two verses regarding good works
'nobody's gonna accept Christ, let's just go ______'
A new country will be added to the VSET list, what is it?
What was the class of 2012's version of I'm on a Boat called?
What car does Amy Chen or Elaine Lee drive
when doing bible study, we use AEIOU. What does the O stand for?
Where is this quote referring to 'That chicken looks like its radioactive'
According to Conrad 'Vset has two ways of doing things: Hard and _________'
What is the name of Steph Lee's character in ICA bang?
In What Year did VSET start?
Where did Nancy Luu, Enery Hsu, Fabian Ma, David Kim and Erick Loh Work?
Who played Jack and Annie in 2008 VSET Promotion Rally?
What city do we usually play broomball in?
To Raise funds, what amusement park did ICA volunteer at
According to Peter, what is Johnny's nickname
Mike was famed for cooking _________ and hotdogs
How Long does VSET generally last
Who MCed Winter Conference in 2009?
What was Alan Cee's major
What private university does Elliot Kim attend?
What country did Matt Yu, Daniel Lieu and Lorin Chak go to?
What is the name of Victoria Kim's brother
Who MCed Winter Conference 2008
Who is Kaoz256
What Basket Ball game does Mike use as a classic example of underdogs?
Name one of three bassists in Bruin ICA in 2009
Steph is known for making this particular dip
When Nathan Lee gets into his Civic, who does Erick Loh say he looks like?
Who founded the Navigators?
Instead of complaining, what does phrase does ICA substitute instead?
What major is Peter Ding
For the UCLA STP at UC Berkeley, how much did it cost?
Where was STP 2007
What is the name of green pack in TMS 180
1324 Berendo Street Los Angeles CA is the address of which ICA event?
Steph Lee was in what military training/program?
What song is known as the 'Galaxy Song'
What beach would ICA have a beach bonfire at?
What Branch of the Navigators did ICA come from?
What is Linda Yuen's middle name?
What color is the T-shirt for VSET 2008
Who sang the Eagle Song?
What was the shape of the ICA olympics trophy in 2009
What Theater does ICA usually go to?
Who MCed Cafe Night in 2006
what does the I in IBS stand for?
What was Enery Hsu's original major before changing to Chinese
Who leads worship on the last rally of the school year?
What color was the VSET shirt in 2006
What was the famous watered down food in STP 2008
What is the 4th chapter in the 4th book of DFD called?
What is Josh Goks' Bang Card title?
When VSET goes to Mongolia, what city does it travel to?
What color was the first 'ICA' sweater?
Who is known for singing 'By Your Side'?
How many years is a 'Red Light' for staff?
Who owns the most extensive collection of Simpson DVDs in ICA?
What major is Joe Dickan
in TMS, what comes after the 180 pack?
Name one of the verses used in our benediction at WHEC
we play a game called Fugitive, name a major actor from the same movie Fugitive
According to Fabian, what percentage of the world is wrong about Transformers 2
What city does Elaine Lee, Nathan Lee, and Chris Hung from?
'Aaron what kind of _________ are you!?'
How do the brothers in ICA celebrate each others birthdays?
After our benediction, an instrumental song is played. Name it
Erick Loh is famous for wearing this particular color
Where did VSET debrief in 2007
Which Long Term Missionary is based in Langzhou?
Who is known for having stoner friends
What car did Fabian drive before his CR-V
What high school did Josh Gok and Michael G Wong attend?
What tiebreaker event did Bruin ICA win in?
What is the fifth assurance in the Assurances bible study?
Michael Wong once asked who wants to finish the _______
What is the last verse in the bridge illustration?
What is the name of the dim sum restaurant ICA visits in SGV
How many years did Mike serve as Staff at UCLA
Name one of two verses from the TMS topic 'His Peace'
Whose screenname is englematics
in ICA, what is Tiff Chen's nickname
What is one of the Assurance of Salvation verses in TMS 60
What does the Thumb Stand for in the Word Hand?
What was the theme to 2009 Winter Conference
What Animal illustration demonstrates Grace
Who can solve a rubiks cube in less than 2 minutes?
Where does the VSET cheer come from?
What car does Mike drive
What color is the 2007 VSET t-shirt

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