MVST1B BOD Pathology Viruses

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has multiple entry/exit routes, infecting monocytes latently and macrophages acutely. bad in the immunocompromised
causes cell stimulation and encodes enzymes to increase nucleotide availability. Latent infection
causes contagious neoplastic disease in chickens
dsDNA virus replicating cytosolicly as contains transcription materials in virion
codes Fc receptor molecules to evade antibody response
related to measles and resp syncytial virus, entering via resp tract
causes acute enteric infection and myelitis in the CNS
targetted by aciclovir/acyclovir
systemic infection spread along blood/lymph/nerve tracts
A hepadna virus
treated by quarantine, animal slaughter, immune serum and killed vaccine. May in future be targetted by rational attenuation, or a surface Ag in vaccinia (used on foxes)
papova virus causing experimental rodent tumors
associated with cervical cancer
can cause congenital malformation thus vaccinated against
Codes a viral EGF for cell stimulation
Codes ribonucleotide reducing enzymes (produces dNTP)
a reo virus - causes infantile diarrhoea, superficial and acute
targetted by a sialic acid analogue
Successfully targetted by interferon therapy
causes common cold and susceptibility to secondary infection
encephalitis causing toga/flavi virus
targetted by tamiflu
Infects RBC precursors, bad for anaemic patients. Leads to enteritis. ssDNA non-enveloped.
a picorna virus
A calci virus, responsible for winter vomiting disease
lytic, liberated en mass (thus AB and IgA important), stable in environment and requires quarantine and slaughter. picorna virus.
live attenuated vaccine can rid this infection commonly caught in early school years, infecting WBCs.
a paramyxo virus
a toga/flavi virus causing acute and chronic hepatitis
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Main example of an orthomyxovirus
acute in b cells and latent in memory b cells
faeco-oral transmitted infection targetted by a killed vaccine
persistent infection causing common warts or genital warts or genital warts
Used to deliver smallpox vaccine
zoonotic systemic and cns infection, high morbidity
Can induce cell transformation
A corona virus
targetted by a virus-like particle vaccine (capsid w/o nucleic acid)
causes burkitt's lymphoma and glandular fever
acquired via respiratory route but a systemic infection. Acute, only in humans, antigenically stable. Infects WBCs.
causes a highly lytic hepatitis, picornavirus
Toga/flavi virus, classical version of recent pandemic
subtype of herpes causing cold sores
example of polyprotein processing by post-transcriptional cleavage (chemo targets)
a toga/flavi virus zoonotic infection growing in macrophages as well as directly attacking endothelium. Can cause haemorrhagic fever.
causes chicken pox (mucosal infection) and shingles (reactivation from latent in sensory neurones)
bullet shaped helical capsid
causes cell stimulation via cell-cycle entry factors and codes a protein to retain MHC1 in ER. Respiratory and enteric types
causes bronchitis, recent talk of vaccine
causes Kaposi's sarcoma
Codes soluble interferon receptors
wbc infection that can persist in the CNS to cause a chronic demyelinating disease. ssRNA enveloped.
causes membrane modification
a rhabdo virus
subtype of herpes causing genital herpes
Generally infectious as M-tropic, mutating to T-tropic later

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