Sister Wives Logic Puzzle

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Can you name the Sister Wives children who are playing (P), in trouble (T), and doing chores (C) using logic ?

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Aspyn (#2)
Christine's 1st child, a daughter

Mykelti (#5)
Christine's 2nd child, a daughter

Paedon (#7)
Christine's 3rd child, a son

Gwendlyn (#12)
Christine's 4th child, a daughter

Ysabel (#14)
Christine's 5th child, a daughter

Truely (#16)
Christine's 6th child, a daughter


Logan (#1)
Janelle's 1st child, a son

Madison (#4)
Janelle's 2nd child, a daughter

Hunter (#6)
Janelle's 3rd child, a son

Garrison (#8)
Janelle's 4th child, a son

Gabriel (#11)
Janelle's 5th child, a son

Savanah (#15)
Janelle's 6th child, a daughter


Dayton (#9)
Robyn's 1st child, a son

Aurora (#10)
Robyn's 2nd child, a daughter

Breanna (#13)
Robyn's 3rd child, a daughter

Solomon (#17)
Robyn's 4th child, a son

Mariah (#3)
Meri's 1st child, a daughter

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