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His Dog's Name
His Wife
Holes in one in his career
Number of balls Darby has hit out of bounds in his life
Who was he playing with in US Open Sectionals when on the 18th hole he hit his ball off a tree, then bounced back off of him, then kicked out of bounds
According to Darby, how many scenarios can't you release
''Call me Frank, call me coach, but NEVVERRRR call me....''
Worst bucket seat in the golf van
due to the snow storm of flaking from his head 
What restauraunt has great baked potatoes
Darby's advice for the hooks
Average amount of tournaments St. John's golf team hosts a year
Name given to his wife while on the phone
''Do me a fava, you guys are livin like a bunch of....''
''I like gweat______ of the golf balf ball''
Number of years Seve Calmi has been on St. John's golf team
''This is our version of.....''
What club somtimes travels further than your Driver according to Darby
Number of times sauce was DQ'ed from a tournament
Worst Player ever to come through St. John's golf program
''Hey guys_____ fucked me''
The reason for everything negative about St. john's Golf program accordig to Darby
Player to consume the greatest combination of Hot Dogs and Coke in SJU golf history
Item Darby tends to cradle while sitting on a couch
Reason why Darby likes the golf van
Who did Andrew Svoboda 'never fucken beat'
After Darby beat this proffesional, the enitre crowd started crying
Nickname for the extraordinarily sharp tooth in Darby's mouth
Darby's nickname for Seve's low punch shot
What will the members of Wheatly Hills do to you according to Darby
''Maybe you go see a_______''
What did Darby say to Evan in Louisiana after Evan complained about the teams practicing in the north
Who did Darby lose to in the PGA Club Pro Champioship when he helped find the guy's ball on 17
Darby's advice on club choice on par 3's
''Do me a favor, I never ask anybody for _____''

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