Victorious show characters by quote

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Can you name the Victorious characters by the quote they say?

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'somebody catch that panda!'iparty with victorious
'shrimp in my bra?'prom wrecker
'eat your fries'freak the freak out
'it also works on bushes!'robarazzi
'my roof, my rules'jade dumps beck
'is anyone safe?'robarazzi
'why yes that is my bellybutton'sleepover at sikowitz
'do you want to take a picture of me?'iparty with victorious
'what is that, mac and cheese?'stage fighting
'i got his camera!'wi-fi in the sky
'who's phone is that?'???????????
'I kinda liked the spicy tuna balls'beggin' on your knees
'i sing, idance, i pee my pants!'prom wrecker
'do you even play tennis?'robarazzi

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