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Our Fraternity Journal is named:
The National Member-in-Training Fee is:
The National Member-in-Training Fee is due:
The National Initiation Fee is:
The National Initiation Fee is due:
The regulation badges are _______ and _______
The regulation badge fee is due:
The National Dues are _______ for a full year or _______ for a half year
There are _______ active College Chapters
There are _______ active Alumnae Chapters
There are _______ total Initiated Members
There are _______ total Active Members
The name of our Province is:
The name of our Province Officer is
List the Active Chapters in our Province:
There are _______ active Alumnae Chapters in our Province
List the four types of Distinguished Membership (with description):
Name 5 Distinguished Members:
Name 5 awards for Individual Members:
Name 4 awards for Individual Chapters:
An Alumnae Chapter is...

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