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Singed his eyebrows in a Charms lesson.
The author of many alliterative books, many used during Harry's second year
Bellatrix Lestrange's husbands brother
Aragog's wife
The auror in charge of the manhunt for Sirius Black in book 5
A Gryffindor student who fell in the lake at Hogwarts.
A childhood friend of Harry Potter's mother before and during her school career
A Ministry worker who sends Harry numerous unwelcome letters in the summer throughout the series.
Her brothers were Fabian and Gideon
She wore Silver dress robes to the Yule Ball.
Her middle name is Jane
Another character who shares a name with a goddess who's in the Order of the Phoenix.
Tries to hide cauldrons at Grimmauld Place.
Is described as having lamp-like eyes
Uses the phrase 'corporeal patronus'
Shares a name with a Roman Goddess whose Greek counterpart is Athena.
Sirius Black's favorite cousin
Throughout the series is described by Hermione as a cow and a pug. Which is it?
Detests a girl named Olive Hornby.
A character who had a diadem-snatcher for a daughter

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