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A childhood friend of Harry Potter's mother before and during her school career
Uses the phrase 'corporeal patronus'
Bellatrix Lestrange's husbands brother
Throughout the series is described by Hermione as a cow and a pug. Which is it?
Shares a name with a Roman Goddess whose Greek counterpart is Athena.
Sirius Black's favorite cousin
The auror in charge of the manhunt for Sirius Black in book 5
Another character who shares a name with a goddess who's in the Order of the Phoenix.
The author of many alliterative books, many used during Harry's second year
She wore Silver dress robes to the Yule Ball.
A Ministry worker who sends Harry numerous unwelcome letters in the summer throughout the series.
A Gryffindor student who fell in the lake at Hogwarts.
Tries to hide cauldrons at Grimmauld Place.
Is described as having lamp-like eyes
Her brothers were Fabian and Gideon
A character who had a diadem-snatcher for a daughter
Aragog's wife
Her middle name is Jane
Singed his eyebrows in a Charms lesson.
Detests a girl named Olive Hornby.

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