Dragon Age: Origins Characters

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Can you name the Dragon Age: Origins Characters?

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First Enchanter, Mage, Circle Tower
Orlesian, Warden, Dungeon
Canine, Wise, Hungry
Dwarf, Casteless, Thug
Witch, Legend, Daughters
Ostagar, Rogue, Sneaking
Betrayer, Arl, Amaranthine
Third Son, Power Mad, Dwarf
Hero, Paranoid, Father
Curse, Werewolves, Forest
Elf, Assassin, Antivan
Dwarf, Warrior Caste, Denerim
Golem, Honnleath, Birds
Templar, Warden, Heir
Recliffe, Arlessa, Sacrifice
Dwarf, Deep Roads, Enchantment!
King, Young, Optimistic
Mage, Wise, Spirit Healer
Usurper, Dwarf, Estate
Human, Highever, Ser
Highever, Father, Teyrn
Warden, Joining, Ostagar
Highever, Mother, Archer
Shapeshifter, Mage, Witch
Ostagar, Warrior, Coward
Blood Mage, Redcliffe, Screw-Up
Keeper, Werewolves, Elf
Bard, Priestess, Orlesian
Anvil of the Void, Crazy, Wife
Queen, Daughter, Wife
Arl, Redcliffe, Landsmeet
Qunari, Beresaad, Imprisoned
Dwarf, Drunk, Berserker

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