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Large, Green, Angry
Rich, Self-Centred, Intelligent
Old-Fashioned, Strong, Partriotic
Cape, Thunder, Strong
Arachnid, Agile, Smart
Humerous, Red, Ninja
Hot, Arrogant, Show-Off
Fatherly, Fantastic, Flexible
Nonchalant, Sharp, Regenerative
All-Knowing, Wise, Paralysed
Rocky, Large, Orange
Blue, Intelligent, Hairy
Laser, One Eye, X
Magnetic, Wise, Traitor
Metallic, Shiney, Alien
Woman, S.H.I.E.L.D, Agile
Archer, Charismatic, Purple
Cloak, Mask, Evil
Tentacle, Malfunction, Intelligent
Green, Evil, Rich
One Eye, Leader, S.H.I.E.L.D
Sand, Atomic, Criminal
Alien, Adopted, Scepter
Scaly, Intelligent, Cross-Species
Transfigurable, Blue, Scaly
God, Azgard, Leader
Charismatic, Selfless, Agent
Red, Faceless, Skull
Electric, White Hair, X
Arachnid, Black, Oil

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