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kg x m squared /sec squared is
For an object that floats, weight force is _______ (more than, less than, equal) to buoyant force.
A hydraulic lift has equal pressure, greater force and ______ work at the larger end when compared to the first end.
The actual weight of an object minus the apparent weight equals the ______.
The farther down you go in a body of water the pressure ______
What is work divided by time?
What is the statement that an increase in the speed of a fluid reduces the pressure within the fluid called?
What is force per unit area?
What is the amount of work when the net force(10 N) is perpendicular to the direction of motion(3m)?
______ is the use of force to move an object some distance.
List one unit of pressure that is not a Pascal.
The force that resists motion between two surfaces is called ______.
By increasing the rate at which you do work you increase ______.
If motion occurs at a constant velocity work will be _______.
What is one of the two factors that affects the force of gravity?
Weight divided by _______ equals mass.
What kind of substances are fluids?
Force of friction due to air is called?
If one end of a hydraulic lift has 5N over 0.5m squared and the other end has 12N force, what area is it exerted on?
What is kg / meter x sec?
Multiply mass and gravity to find ______.
The mass of a floating object equals the mass of the ________.
Pascal's Principle says that pressure _________(increases, decreases, remains the same) at a location that has a larger area.
Friction that holds a box on the top of a ramp is ______ friction.
The Newton-meter is equal to the _____.
If the fluid moves faster OVER a wing the wing will experience ______,
Increasing the distance between two objects ______ the pull of gravity.
There is a net force of 17 N exerted over a distance of 30 km will be ______ work.
What two things affect whether an object can float in a liquid?
What states that when an outside pressure is applied at any point to a fluid in a container the pressure is transmitted throughout equally?
If an object that is 5 cubic centimeters is completely submerged in water displaces how many grams of water?
The hydraulic lift utilizes which principle?
r in the formula for gravity stands for _____.
What is the S.I. unit for pressure?
What is the upward force on an object submerged in a fluid?

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