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Chief of Medicine, Has 'Johnny' tattooed on his butt
Blonde doctor who is in seasons 8-9, who likes fat guys
Chief of Surgery
Marries J.D, 'anal and neurotic' female doctor
Portrayed by Masi Oka. Dr. Cox broke his lab equipment during a major freak out
Elliot's booty call who she almost married
J.D's favorite intern who ends up working at Coffee Bucks
Main Character, Often fantasizes
Doctor played by Michael J Fox and has severe OCD
'The hospitals sad sack.' The hospitals lawyer
J.D's attending, who calls him girls names, but always cares for him and looks after him
Surgeon, J.D's best friend and roommate
Dies of Car Accident. Very religious
Turk's wife, nurse
An 'admittedly frugal hypochondriac' who 'practically lives' at Sacred Heart
Most of his patients die under his care. Due to this, he becomes a pathologist. 'Pee Pants'
Referred to as Colonel Doctor
Surgeon, has DOC tattooed on his arm, makes many sexual jokes at the hospital
Security guard with a hook for a hand
J.D's son
'Married' to Dr. Cox
Jordan's Brother. Died of leukemia in season 3
Constantly torments J.D
J.D's brother, bartender
Had J.D's child
Main Character in season 9

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