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Who has the highest all-time batting average for the Yankees?
Who has played the most games in a Yankee uniform?
Who was the Yankees catcher that was killed in a plane crash?
What player got caught stealing the most?
Who has the most triples as a Yankee?
Who has struck out the most times at the plate?
Who has the most stolen bases as a Yankee?
Who was th Yankee announcer with the famous saying 'HOLY COW!'
Who is the Yankees' #1 starting pitcher in their rotation?
Who has the most sacrifice flies?
What position did Bernie Williams play? (BE SPECIFIC)
Who has grounded into the most double plays?
Who has the most sacrifice HITS as a Yankee?
Who is the Yankee manager as of right now?
What team did Curtis Granderson come to the Yankees from?
Who is the current Yankee playing Right Field?

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