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'You can be sure of ________!'
'When you care enough to send the very best'
'The ultimate driving machine.'
'Be all you can be.'
'Fly the friendly skies.'
'All the news that's fit to print.'
'Das Auto.'
'The quicker picker-upper.'
'Your potential. Our passion'
'Two for me be none for you.'
'Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.'
'Open happiness.'
'Good to the last drop.'
'M’m, m’m, m’m, m’m,…toasty.'
'Where's the beef.'
'More fun than Rum.'
'The power of Dreams.'
'The world’s local bank'
Like Always. Like Never Before
We are professional grade.
A lighter way to enjoy chocolate.
_________, Australian for beer.
Where money lives
Makes Mouths Happy
Making the sky the best place on Earth.

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