NFL Head Coach Playoff Wins

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Can you name the NFL head coaches with at least 6 playoff wins?

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Dallas Cowboys; 1954-198820
Baltimore Colts/Miami Dolphins; 1963-199519
Cleveland Browns/New England Patriots; 1985-201217
Washington Redskins; 1978-200717
Pittsburgh Steelers; 1969-199116
Green Bay Packers/Seattle Seahawks; 1989-200813
Pittsburgh Steelers; 1989-200612
Jacksonville Jaguars/New York Giants; 1995-201211
Kansas City Chiefs/Buffalo Bills; 1978-199711
New York Giants/New York Jets/New Engladn Patriots/Dallas Cowboys; 1979-200611
Denver Broncos/New York Giants/Atlanta Falcons; 1977-200311
Minnesota Vikings; 1967-198510
Philadelphia Eagles; 1999-201210
San Francisco 49ers/Carolina Panthers; 1983-200110
San Francisco 49ers; 1976-198810
Cleveland Browns/Cincinnati Bengals; 1946-19759
Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Indianapolis Colts; 1984-20089
Dallas Cowboys/Miami Dolphins; 1989-19999
Green Bay Packers/Washington Redskins; 1954-19699
Oakland Raiders; 1969-19789
Oakland Raiders/Seattle Seahawks; 1979-19948
Los Angeles Raiders/Denver Broncos/Washington Redskins; 1985-20128
Los Angeles Rams/Buffalo Bills/Seattle Seahawks/; 1973-19947
Chicago Bears/New Orleans Saints; 1982-19996
Carolina Panthers/Denver Broncos; 1994-20126
Chicago Bears; 1920-19676
Baltimore Ravens; 2008-20126
Green Bay Packers; 2000-20126
Philadelphia Eagles/St. Louis Rams/Kansas City Chiefs; 1976-20056

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