The Shield Deaths

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How They DiedCharacterInfo
Skull Crushed with BarbellRaped an Important Character
Beaten with Chains, Shot in HeadSalvadoran Grenade King
? (Tortured by Margos)Mexican Contact
Shot, Feet Chopped OffMinor Armenian Hitman
Stabbed Several TimesFallen Officer
ShotCrack-**** Turned C.I.
? (murdered by her own son)Mother of Budding Monster
Shot Twice in ChestArmenian Hitman
Blown up with Grenade'The One with the Concience'
Shoots HimselfMini-Vic
How They DiedCharacterInfo
Shot in BackRap Mogul
Shoots HimselfTraining Officer
Shot in FaceRat
Drinks Himself to DeathWashed-up, Corrupt Assistant Chief
Set on FireDrug Connection/C.I.
Stabbed Several TimesRuthless Mexican Drug Lord
ShotNew Armenian Boss with Leverage
ShotDrug Connection/C.I.
Stabbed Several TimesFallen Officer

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