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How They DiedCharacterInfo
? (Tortured by Margos)Mexican Contact
Beaten with Chains, Shot in HeadSalvadoran Grenade King
Stabbed Several TimesRuthless Mexican Drug Lord
Stabbed Several TimesFallen Officer
Set on FireDrug Connection/C.I.
? (murdered by her own son)Mother of Budding Monster
Shoots HimselfTraining Officer
Shot in FaceRat
ShotDrug Connection/C.I.
How They DiedCharacterInfo
Shot, Feet Chopped OffMinor Armenian Hitman
Drinks Himself to DeathWashed-up, Corrupt Assistant Chief
Stabbed Several TimesFallen Officer
Blown up with Grenade'The One with the Concience'
Skull Crushed with BarbellRaped an Important Character
ShotNew Armenian Boss with Leverage
Shot Twice in ChestArmenian Hitman
Shot in BackRap Mogul
Shoots HimselfMini-Vic
ShotCrack-**** Turned C.I.

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