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The dog saves the hero and the family takes flight, followed by information that they never returned for their belongings1979
The inspector is burned alive1973
The villain is discovered to have multiple personalities and is institutionalized1960
The lead is revealed to be tainted when he signals the aliens to the arrival of the only living good guy1978
The creature is blown into space while a woman and cat go into hypersleep1979
The remorseful survivor goes to a grave and is pulled in....or is she?1976
The sole survivor is mistaken for something else and is shot in the head1968
The identity of the killer is though to be known and the heroine is left alone while the actual killer watches her1974
The leads get their revenge and become hollow, burned-out shells1972
The hero strangles his wife to death, but it is hinted that their daughter may follow in her footsteps1979
The lead is murdered by a dwarf in a red hoodie1973
A swat officer and pregnant woman escape to an uncertain future1978
A small group of family memebers survive while someone from the villainous clan switches sides1977
The ambassador is shot by police thinking him to be an insane child-murderer1976
One lone girl gets away, but loses her mind in the process, and the killer does an angry dance1974
The First Mother is killed, and the heroine escapes while the bulding burns down1977
The killer is shot and stabbed multiple times, then falls from a balcony only to disappear1978
It was all a dream...... or was it?1979
The demonic force is driven away through one man's act of self-sacrifice and redemption1973
The protagonist's maternal instincts outweigh her desire to destroy evil1968

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