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A group of horror fans go in search of a missing film and encounter the horrible truthOne of two Dark Castle productions this year
an unwitting babysitter encounters a satanic cult that want to use her in a ritual80s throwback directed by Ti West
A collection of intertwined stories taking place on a Halloween Finished in 2007, took two years to release
two parents are terrorized by their own children on a lonely ChristmasLimited dvd release from ghost house underground
Brutal French film that appears to be about revenge but morphs into a prolonged torture sequenceConsidered unwatchable by some, unnerved even hardened horror fans
A group of vacationing med students encounter Nazi zombiesearly Peter Jackson-esque splatter film from Norway
A couple in a cabin encounter satanic disturbancesHorrific, disturbing movie from 'mysoginist'/surrealist Lars Von Trier
A priest is turned into a vampire through a failed experimentKorean movie from director of the infamous 'Vengeance Trilogy'
A 'stillborn' baby begins to crave bloodFull-length version of a short film
A grave robber sits on death row and tells a priest events that occurred involving he and his partnerIrish horror-comedy featuring a star-filled cast

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