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An escaped mental patient stalks babysitters in his home town1978
A man who was mutilated by demons and taken to hell escapes. He has his sister-in-law kill for him and the demons come-a-calling1987
A group of strangers are trapped in a house by the newly revived walking dead1968
A devout British inspector travles to a small Scottish island looking for a missing girl and has run-ins with the bizarre Pagan locals1973
A female embezzler makes an unfortunate pitstop at a lonely hotel in the middle of nowhere run by the shy Norman Bates and his domineering mother1960
A family move to a huge mountain hotel when the dad becomes the winter caretaker and ghosts cause him to go mad and attempt to kill his family1980
A group of friends fall prey to a backwoods family of cannibals1974
Spirits terrorize a family and kidnap their young daughter who communicates through the television1982
Four people take refuge in an abandoned shopping mall during the zombie invasion1978
A young girl and her friends are stalked in their sleep by an undead child killer1984
Camp counselors are killed off one by one by an unseen maniac1980
Two priests attempt to deliver a demon out of the body of a young girl1973
A woman and her husband move into an apartment and thanks to the devious acts of those around her, the wife ends up pregnant with the child of Satan1968
An ambasador finds out that his adopted son is the antichrist1976
A young girl who is bullied and tormented at school finds out that she has telekinetic powers and, after a mean prank at the prom, unleashes her fury1976

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