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What is the jock's name?
What is the geek's name?
What is the bad boy's name?
What is the princess' name?
What is the weirdo's name?
Who is the principal?
How many hours did they have to be in detention?
What did they have to do?
What room in the school were they in?
Which member causes much conflict with the others?
Who does Bender pick on the most?
What missing piece of equipment does Vernon look for?
Which member does Bender do an impression of his life?
What did Bender's father do to him for spilling paint in the garage?
Where did the group go when they left the library?
Where did Vernon place Bender?
After retrieving his stash who did Bender give it to to hold?
Who is the only member to not get high?
Which member is the one to ask what will happen on Monday?
Why is Andy in detention?
Why is Claire in detention?
Why is Bender in detention?
Why is Brian in detention?
Why is Allison in detention?
Which character gets a makeover?
Who does Andy end up with?
Who does Bender end up with?
Who does Vernon have a meaningful conversation with?
Who writes the paper?
What does Claire give Bender?
Who does Brian appear to be close with?
Who is in the last, freeze-frame shot of the movie pumping his fist into the air?

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