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Which actor/actress sings Breathe?
When the baby is born who gets it's heart beat going?
Who originally sang 'Chasing Cars'
What nickname does Karev give to the hospital?
Which song was NOT in a previous grey's anatomy episode?
During a fight over Callie and the baby, Mark calls Arizona
Finish the Lyric of How to Save a Life 'Try to slip past his defense...
Which song is not a part of the album, but was briefly sung before the credits?
Who breaks the news to Mark about Callie's accident?
What song did nurse Eli, Henry Burton, and Alex Karev contribute to?
Finish the line: 'I asked her to marry me and a truck...'
Who threw Dr. Lucy Fields out of Callie's room?
Callie and Arizona sing what duet together?
When Callie woke up, what were her first words?
Lexie and April sing backup for Bailey to which song?
What song is this from? 'I'm on my knees, only memories are left for me to hold'
Which character sings How we Operate?
How many songs are in the album?
What day did the musical originally air?
Who disagrees with Cristina's method to save Callie?

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