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Siblings who later teach at Hogwarts
Son of Winky's master
The brother of Harry's godfather
Kills Remus Lupin
Injures Lavender Brown
Durmstrang headmaster
Tonks' aunt
Owner of the Elder Wand . His status as a Death Eater is slightly unclear.
A school governor of Hogwarts
The only Death Eater to not be in Slytherin while attending Hogwarts
His loyalty is questioned throughout the series
One of Voldemort's spies at the Ministry of Magic
Voldemort tortured him during his rebirth ritual
His son, a friend of Draco's, is killed during the Battle of Hogwarts
Accidentally killed by Thorfinn Rowle
Participated in the Department of Mysteries battle and later escaped Azkaban
Bellatrix's husband
Bellatrix's brother-in-law
Assigned to execute Buckbeak
Specialised in the Imperius Curse. Was in prison for 14 years until escaping to join Voldemort.
Father of Theodore and an elderly widower
A double agent, but not Severus Snape
Destroyed part of Moody's nose
Tortured by Draco Malfoy as demanded by Voldemort
Tortured the editor of the Quibbler and attacked Hagrid
Accompanied Hermione, disguised as Bellatrix, to Gringotts
Killed by Aurors during the first war
The leader of the Death Eaters
Father of Draco's friend, Gregory

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