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AnswerWho, What or Where?
If you get called a Shoobie what are you wearing?
What town do the kids live in?
What is the name of the restaurant they spend a lot of time in?
Where does Sam move from?
What is on Sam's Shirt?
Who wears the shark helmet?
What do Sam and Twister eat at the country club?
What does Twister win for his Cousin at the Peir?
What is Twisters Cousin's name?
Who won the sand castle competition?
Who is Eddie?
Who wears the green pants?
Otto's helmet has what design?
I have a yellow rocket on my shirt?
What color(s) is Twister's hat?
AnswerWho, What or Where?
Who is Pi?
Who does Ray have a crush on?
Who is a teacher and the guy who works at the skate park?
What is the skate park the kids go to?
Who falls in to the Cement at the skate park?
Twister never leaves the house with this?
I work at the Shore Shack?
What does Tito say when the kids need advice?
Who has the house mailbox?
What happens to the basement in the Rocket's house?
What do Violet and Reggie do together?
I'm the one that Otto falls in love with?
You'd get called Lil' Cuz by who?
What does Tito have on his on his surfboard?

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