Face to Face (nicknames)

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Can you name the persons who these face nicknames refer to??

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NicknameActual NameClaim to Fame or Infamy
Man of a Thousand FacesActor/Makeup Artist (Silent Era)
Ol' Blue EyesSinger/Actor
The Great ProfileActor
The Great Stone Face Actor (Silent Era)
The Incredible SulkPrime Minister of the UK
Left EyeSinger/Dancer
The LipProfessional Baseball Player/Manager
NicknameActual NameClaim to Fame or Infamy
Satchel MouthMusician
Old Ski NoseComedian/Actor
Pretty BoyGangster
The Chin Actor
SmileySinger/Disney Star
HappyGovernor, Baseball Commisioner
PopeyeNew York City Detective
Gloomy GusU.S. President
Baby FaceGangster

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