Gladstone or Disraeli?

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Can you name the prime minister 19th century British reforms?

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actprime ministerdetail of the reform
?vote for male householders
?non conformists can teach at universities
?official church of Ireland on longer anglican
?cut down on adulteration of food
?limit working hours in factories to 10 hours per day
?can enlist for 3 or 12 years
?attempt to streamline the justice system
?brought factories and workshops under government inspection
?state elementary education
?demolish slum housing and replace it with planned housing
?JPs could grant licenses, fix opening hours and check on adulteration of beer
?cut down on pollution of rivers
?trade unions legalised
?intimidation illegal
actprime ministerdetail of the reform
?peaceful picketing allowed
?revised governing bodies of public schools
?sanitation authorities established to take responsibility for public health in local area
?employers and workmen equally punishable if contract is breached
?reorganised local government health administration
?attempt to secure the rights of property ownership of married women
?increased pressure on parents to send their children to school
?set a maximum level that a ship could be filled to- plimsoll line
?extending to English farmers to security given to the Irish in the 1870 land act
?civil service entrance exam
?response to the licensing act
?attempt to curtail 'ritualism' in the Anglican church
?secret ballot
?helped to protect remaining areas of common ground

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