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HintAnswer the following
Capital of Afganistan
What is the birthstone of May
Name of Roman God Of War
In which two countries is Mount Everest in
In Sesame Street, Who lives in a dustbin?
French for Monday
Who in Tudor History had six wives
What is the name of the American Anthem
US State beginning with 'P'
Currency in the UK
What is 64's square root
What is the colour of Bond Street on the monopoly board
How many squares on a Chess Board
Where was Barack Obama Born?
How many metres tall is The Eiffel Tower
HintAnswer the following
Brocoli comes from which family
Who won the word cup of 1998
What is the name Of the Art of Paper folding
What are the two colours of The Polish Flag
What is the Name of Hamlet's Castle
Algophobia is Fear or.....
Which Animal Came 6th In the Zodiac Race
City with most nightmares is The UK
Who is Talking Tom's Girlfriend?
Captial of Somalia
Earth's 'Ugly Sister'
Element B
What is April The First Known For?
What Country is The next Olympics Being Held In
The Lotus Is The National Flower Of Which Country

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