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Main IdeasWhoWho/Where Studied
Progress is not always technology or Western ideal.
Do not rely on abstract psychology - ask for specific stories and examples rather than scenarios.New Guinea
Positive minority influences changes perspective, optimism, and aspirations.Eagleton, Florida
Feminism says that women discover self through oppresion of others, but is this ethnocentric to white heterosexual women?
Language fluency is only the ability to communicate - not necessarily to understand complex humor and feelings. Mexico/Texas border
A field study of our own culture from the outside makes us realize our own rituals. While in a culture, it's difficult to see out of it.
Subdisciplines can be a weakness and create bias in focus. Holism is critical.
Anthropologists who do not understand culture's values risk becoming butt of jokes and misunderstanding.Kalahari Bushmen in Africa
Environment is not a one-way influence on way of life.Arctic Eskimos
Main IdeasWhoWho/Where Studied
Presence of an outsider may encourage conscious or unconscious affirmation of stereotypes (what the outsider 'wants' to hear).Mexico/Texas border
Consultants familiar with both languages and cultures may be biased in their desire to acculturate to anthropologist's 'priviliged' culture.Mexico/Texas border
Being a part of group studied can create bias.Eagleton, Florida
Begin by outlining studied group, then fill in all elements holistically. Data should come from native accounts.New Guinea
Rituals of enjoyment embody cultural values about masculinity, group dynamic, etc.Thailand/Balinese Cockfighting
Different cultures value birthing differently. US culture heavily separates child and adult.Beng/C'ote d'Ivoire in Africa
Anthropology creates (inescapable?) self-other divide that excludes feminists, halfies, and members of multiple groups.
'Every culture loves its own form of violence.'Thailand/Balinese Cockfighting
Ethnographers must immerse completely and not rely on ties to own kind.New Guinea

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