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A measurement of timeA comparing measurement. eg. first
An accessory worn on the wristTo continually look at somebody or something
Plural of an object used for drinkingObjects placed over eyes to aid in sight
An item of footwearThe storage area at the back of a car
A running competitionA person's origin
Bad LanguageTo promise
With speed or hasteA time when somebody doesn't eat or eats less
Something smooth and without any bumpsA type of permanent accomodation
A birdA downward movement
An item of clothingThe process of creating a knot
A drugA female hero
Part of a plantTo harass somebody
A romantic gathering of 2 peopleA fruit
An insectThe ability to stay in the air without aid
A hand gestureA movement of the sea caused by the wind
A group of fishAn institution wih the aim of education
Part of a tree trunkOnomatopoeia associated with dogs
An expert in a topicThe title of a boy child.

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