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A group of fishAn institution wih the aim of education
Bad LanguageTo promise
Part of a plantTo harass somebody
An accessory worn on the wristTo continually look at somebody or something
A hand gestureA movement of the sea caused by the wind
Something smooth and without any bumpsA type of permanent accomodation
A running competitionA person's origin
With speed or hasteA time when somebody doesn't eat or eats less
A birdA downward movement
A drugA female hero
An item of clothingThe process of creating a knot
Plural of an object used for drinkingObjects placed over eyes to aid in sight
A romantic gathering of 2 peopleA fruit
An expert in a topicThe title of a boy child.
A measurement of timeA comparing measurement. eg. first
An insectThe ability to stay in the air without aid
An item of footwearThe storage area at the back of a car
Part of a tree trunkOnomatopoeia associated with dogs

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