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Hint Character
Loves Penny
She lives with seven Dwarfs
Guides Man Cub like a father
Chipmunks (both)
Duck's Nephews (all 3)
He Smells Like Strawberries!
Had a 101 kids
He has a honey addiction
Lilo's pet
Bird that likes chocolate
Got lost on Route 66
Fairy In Neverland
Big Blue Guy at Monsters Inc.
Mouse's Girlfriend
Bossy Duck
Head Mouse
Mouse's Dog
Cowboy's Horse
She lives with the Beast
'To Infinity and Beyond'
Simba's Friends (there are 2)
Hint Character
Villan in Fix It Felix Junior
Mayor of Radiator Springs
Grumpy at Christmastime
Likes to Bounce
Skelleton from Halloweentown
Secretary at Monsters Inc.
Andy's Cowboy
Helps a fish out of a tank pump
Man Cub
Dog that likes Mr. Fredrickson
Lives in Neverland
A Wilderness Explorer Scout
Loves Jane
Has Short Term Memory Loss
She is friends with the Tramp
Helps Find the One that Touched the Boat (He Flys)
He Touched the Boat
He is friends with a Genie
Clumsy Dog with a Green Hat
Duck's Girlfriend

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