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Super strength and flyingMichael Angarano
Ability to control plant lifeDanielle Panabaker
TechnopathyMary Elizabeth Winstead
Ability to control fireSteven Strait
MeltingDee Jay Daniels
Shapeshifting into a guinea pigKelly Vitz
Glowing in the darkNicholas Braun
Ability to make copies of herselfMalika Haqq and Khadijah Haqq
ElasticityJake Sandvig
Super speedWill Harris
Super Strength and InvulnerabilityKurt Russell
Ability to flyKelly Preston
Ability to turn into a ball of light and fly aroundLynda Carter
Sonic screamingBruce Campbell
Born without powers but fell into a vat of toxic waste and grew to giant sizeKevin Heffernan

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