Can You Name 'The Simpsons' Guest Stars?

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Can you name the Name The Simpsons Guest Stars??

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Played himself in 'They Saved Lisa's Brain' and 'Dont Fear The Roofer'
Starred as Leon, a mental health patient convinced he was......(Star)
Recorded his part in Brit-fest episode 'The Regina Monologues' at 10 Downing Street
Starred in and wrote the episode 'Homer This Is Your Wife' falling for Marge
Played Lisa's inspiring substitute teacher, Mr Berstorm in 'Lisa's Substitute'
Played himself at the launch of Springfield's ill-fated monorail in 'Marge vs The Monorail'
The screen icon gave the voice for Maggies first word (Daddy) in 'Lisa's First Word'
Played Herbert Powell, Homer's millionaire half-brother, in two episodes

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