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Can you name the Johnny Depp Movies By The Role He Played?

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Glen Lantz1984
Jack Marshall1985
Private Gator Lerner1986
Wade 'Cry-Baby' Walker1990
Gilbert Grape1993
Alex Blackmar1993
Edward D. Wood, Jr.1994
Gene Watson1995
William Blake1995
Don Juan, John R. DeMarco1995
Donnie Brasco, Joseph D. Pistone1997
Raoul Duke1998
Ichabod Crane1999
Spencer Armacost1999
Dean Corso1999
Lt. Victor, Bon Bon2000
Frederick Abberline2001
George Jung2001
Sheldon Sands2003
Captain Jack Sparrow2003, 2006, 2007
Sir James Matthew Barrie2004
Mort Rainey2004
John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester2005
Willy Wonka2005
Victor Van Dort2005
Sweeney Todd, Benjamin Barker2007
Johny Dillinger2009
Tony (1st Transformation)2009
Mad Hatter2010

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