Evo. Pokés with stats lower than Pre-evo

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Can you name the evolved Pokémon with particular stats lower than their pre-evolutions (Gen.1-4)?

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Stat (Change)PokémonTyping
Atk (-10) Spd (-15)Bug
Def (-5)Bug/Flying
Atk (-10) Spd (-15)Bug/Poison
Def (-10)Bug/Poison
Spd (-40)Steel/Ground
Spd (-40)Bug/Steel
Spd (-20)Water
Atk (-10) SpD (-5) Spd (-5)Bug
Def (-5)Bug/Flying
Atk (-10) SpD (-5) Spd (-5)Bug/Poison
Def (-10)Grass/Dark
Spd (-5)Bug/Flying
Stat (Change)PokémonTyping
Def (-45)Bug/Flying
HP (-30) Def (-45)Bug/Ghost
Atk (-20)Ground/Dragon
Spd (-30)Bug/Rock
Def (-20)Dragon/Flying
Spd (-30)Bug/Flying
Spd (-20)Dark/Flying
Spd (-10)Electric/Steel
Spd (-10)Grass
Spd (-10)Electric
Spd (-10)Fire
Def (-20) SpD (-20)Normal

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