Route Exclusive Pokémon (Gen.1+2)

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Can you name the Route Exclusive Pokémon (Gen.1+2)?

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Route 1G/S
Route 2G
Route 2S
Route 3R/B
Route 5G/S
Route 6 (Surf)Y
Route 7G/S/C
Route 7S/C
Route 8Y/G/S/C
Route 8G/S/C
Route 9G
Route 10G/S/C
Route 11R/B/Y
Route 14G/S/C
Route 17Y
Route 20Y
Route 21R/B
Route 21G/S/C
Route 23Y
Route 24C
Route 32G/S
Route 35G/S/C
Route 37C
Route 38G/S
Route 41G/C
Route 43G/S
Route 44G/S/C
Route 44G/S
Route 45G/C
Route 45S/C
Route 45G
Route 45S
Route 45C
Burnt TowerG/S/C
Cerulean CaveR/B/Y
Cerulean CaveR/B
Cerulean CaveY
Dark CaveG/S/C
Dark CaveC
Diglett's CaveAll
Fuchsia City (Fish)Y
Ice PathG/S/C
Ice PathS/C
Ice PathC
Mt. MoonR/B/Y/G/S
Mt. MortarG/S
Mt. SilverG/S/C
Mt. SilverC
National ParkG/S/C
Pokémon MansionR/B
Pokémon MansionB
Pokémon MansionY
Pokémon TowerR/B/Y
Pokémon TowerR/B
Power PlantR/B
Power PlantR
Power PlantY
Rock TunnelG/S/C
Ruins of AlphG/S/C
Safari ZoneR/B/Y
Safari ZoneR/B
Safari ZoneR/Y
Safari ZoneB/Y
Safari ZoneY
Seafoam IslandsR/B/Y
Seafoam IslandsR/B
Slowpoke's WellG/S/C
Union CaveG/S/C
Victory RoadR/B/Y
Victory RoadG/S/C
Viridian ForestY
Whirl IslandsG/S/C

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