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AThis move is specially based and is not a flying-type move. [5]
BIt is either a Normal or Flying type move. [9]
CHas a high critical-hit ratio. [3]
DMay cause flinching. [2]
EIt is a status move. [3]
FIt is a priority move. [3]
GThis move is physically based. [4]
HIt is a move which raises user's stat. [2]
IIt is not an ice-type move. [5]
JThe attack type changes depending on plate held on Arceus. [1]
KIt is either a Dark or Psychic move. [2]
LIt is a signature move of legendary Pokémon. [2]
MContest Type is Beauty. [9]
NIt is a TM move. [1]
OIt is a water-type move. [1]
PHas a base power of 80 or above. [3]
QThe only move that starts with Q. [1]
RContest Type is Smart. [3]
SIt is a status move which don't have 100% accuracy. [9]
TThis move is introduced in Gen.4. [5]
UIt is not a bug-type move. [1]
VIt is a two-worded move. [4]
WIt is a move which is lower than 100% accuracy. [3]
XThe only move that starts with X. [1]
YThe only move that starts with Y. [1]
ZThis move is physically based. [1]

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