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Bowling figuresBowlerMatch Data
8/19Sri Lanka vs. Zimbabwe, Colombo (SSC), 2001
7/12Pakistan vs. West Indies, Providence, 2013
7/15Australia vs. Namibia, Potchefstroom, 2003
7/20Australia vs. England, Port Elizabeth, 2003
7/30Sri Lanka vs. india, Sharjah, 2000
7/36Pakistan vs. England, Leeds, 2001
7/37Pakistan vs. India, Sharjah, 1991
7/51West Indies vs. Australia, Leeds, 1983
6/12India vs. West Indies, Kolkata 1993
6/13Sri Lanka vs. India, Karachi, 2008
6/14Australia vs. England, Leeds, 1975
6/14Pakistan vs. India, Sharjah, 1985
6/14Sri Lanka vs. West Indies, Mumbai (BS), 2006
6/15West Indies vs. England, Kingstown, 1981
6/16Pakistan vs. New Zealand, Karachi, 2002
6/18Pakistan vs. West Indies, Sharjah, 1999
6/19Zimbabwe vs. England, Cape Town, 2000
6/19New Zealand vs. India, Bulawayo, 2005
6/20Zimbabwe vs. Bangladesh, Nairobi (Aga), 1997
6/20Sri Lanka vs. India, Colombo (RPS), 2009
6/22West Indies vs. Zimbabwe, Harare, 2003
Bowling figuresBowlerMatch Data
6/22South Africa vs. Australia, Cape Town, 2006
6/23South Africa vs. Kenya, Nairobi (Gym), 1996
6/23India vs. England, Durban, 2003
6/23New Zealand vs. Australia, Port Elizabeth, 2003
6/25New Zealand vs. West Indies, Port of Spain, 2002
6/25Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh, Pietermaritzburg, 2003
6/26Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka, Sharjah, 1990
6/26Bangladesh vs. Kenya, Nairobi (Gym), 2006
6/26Bangladesh vs. New Zealand, Dhaka, 2013
6/27West Indies vs. Netherlands, Delhi, 2011
6/27Pakistan vs. India, Jamshedpur, 2005
6/27Sri Lanka vs. England, Colombo (RPS), 2007
6/27India vs. Australia, Mumbai, 2007
6/28Zimbabwe vs. Kenya, Bulawayo, 2002
6/29West Indies vs. India, Nagpur, 1987
6/29Sri Lanka vs. England, Moratuwa, 1993
6/29Sri Lanka vs. Zimbabwe, Harare, 2008
6/30Pakistan vs. New Zealand, Auckland, 1994
6/31England vs. Bangladesh, Nottingham, 2005
6/31Australia vs. Sri Lanka, Pallekele, 2011
6/35South Africa vs. West Indies, East London, 1999
Bowling figuresBowlerMatch Data
6/35Pakistan vs. Bangladesh, Dhaka, 2002
6/38Sri Lanka vs. Kenya, Colombo (RPS), 2011
6/38Pakistan vs. Australia, Dubai, 2009
6/39Australia vs. India, Nottingham, 1983
6/39South Africa vs. Pakistan, Port Elizabeth, 2013
6/41West Indies vs. India, Delhi, 1989
6/42Pakistan vs. England, The Oval, 2010
6/42India vs. Australia, Melbourne, 2004
6/43West Indies vs. Zimbabwe, St. George's, 2013
6/44Pakistan vs. New Zealand, Sharjah, 1996
6/44Sri Lanka vs. Pakistan, Pallekele, 2012
6/45England vs. Australia, Brisbane, 2011
6/46Zimbabwe vs. Kenya, Harare, 2009
6/48India vs. Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, 2013
6/49South Africa vs. Sri Lanka, Lahore, 1997
6/50West Indies vs. Australia, Port of Spain, 1991
6/52Zimbabwe vs. Kenya, Nairobi (Gym), 2008
6/55India vs. England, Indore, 2006
6/59Pakistan vs. Australia, Nottingham, 2001
6/59India vs. Sri Lanka, Colombo (RPS), 2005

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