US Black Civil Rights: Activism

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Group/PersonWhat they didimpact
Freedmen's Bureau:( these factors mean it has limited impact
Washington:) provides black infrastructure
Washington:) political influence
Washington:) helps black effort in the courts
Washington:( prepares blacks for second-class citizenship
Washington:( no unity in the black movement
Washington:( underhand tactics, again no unity
Garvey:) 1 million members in 1923
Garvey:) founds retail outlets
Garvey:( unrealistic
Garvey:( quickly goes bankrupt
Garvey:( separatist attitude results in 'Garvey must go'
Du Bois:) taken up by several black communities
Group/PersonWhat they didimpact
Du Bois:( means can't win popular support
Randolph:) (eventually) this union gets increased black employer recognition
Randolph:( unfortunately the NAACP opposes it so it gets nowhere
National Negro Congress:) grassroots boycotting campaign
NAACP:) long-term, publicized and successful campaign
NAACP:) increased black votes
SCLC (King):) increased black votes
King:( police chief Pritchett breaks up using minimum force, dispersion amongst jails
King:) police use dogs and fire hoses, 1,300 children arrested in 2 days, widespread coverage
King:) joint sponsorship by civil rights organisations shows unity
CORE:( JFK damns them and public support is low (although wide coverage)
SNCC:) Triggers 78 new sit-ins in 2 months, woolworth's profits down a third whilst it's on. 810 cities desegregated by 1962
SNCC:) shows political power of the black community

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