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PresidentWhat they didImpact
Johnson:) saw Republicans secure power for the duration of his presidency
Grant:) Blacks enjoy the vote for a bit
Grant:( White Southerners get political upper hand in the South
Taft:) helps pushing of more liberal policies in government
T. Roosevelt:) helps pushing of more liberal policies in government
Wilson:( Replaces with racists
Wilson:( blacks denied a say with president as had happened with Taft and Roosevelt
Hoover:) successfully opposed by NAACP!
F.D. Roosevelt - New Deal Organisations:) $45 million for black schools, hospitals, homes
F.D. Roosevelt - New Deal Organisations:) work in construction for 30,000 blacks yearly 1936 - 1940
F.D. Roosevelt - New Deal Organisations:) training for 50,000 young blacks
F.D. Roosevelt - New Deal Organisations:( cuts result in planters laying off 200,000 black sharecroppers
F.D. Roosevelt - other:) unprecedented numbers of blacks in second-level positions
F.D. Roosevelt - other:) blacks have more say on civil rights policies
F.D. Roosevelt - other:) Democrats more racially accepting in the future
F.D. Roosevelt - other:) black political organisations made to support democrats, not republicans
Truman:) 'To Secure These Rights' report has widespread publicity
Truman:) Desegregates armed forces and civil service
Truman:( distracted and no major initiatives in second term
Eisenhower:) results in pro-black supreme court outcomes
PresidentWhat they didImpact
Eisenhower:) Black voting rights increase
Eisenhower:S OK, but an isolated case. Could have been more widespread, or used legislation
Eisenhower:) sees local cases in south more black-friendly
JFK:( prevented him from acting boldly
JFK:( early attempt at gaining southern favour backfires later on
JFK:) shows he's behind King
JFK:) bold move, prevents the situation escalating
JFK:) BUT mainly his brother in this
LBJ:) focused on civil rights
LBJ:) strong role shows future dedication
LBJ:) tackles poverty at federal level
LBJ:) bypasses state governments
LBJ:) starts to counter ghettos countrywide
LBJ:( loses him support, even from black leaders (i.e. MLK)
Nixon:( many southern votes go to the republicans
Nixon:S Controversial - Whitney Young points out it's against American meritocracy
Reagan:( more cautious, conservative interpretations of civil rights legislation in cases
Reagan:( actually just a way of resisting affirmative action
Bush:( a conservative, republican, black lawyer. means he gets him in but also gets conservatism a victory
Bush:( results in conservative outcomes in the law courts

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