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reach 500 career goals?
reach 1000 career points?
score 100 points in a season?
*score a hockey cycle (even strength, powerplay, shorthanded, penalty shot and empty net goals in the same game)?
*win the scoring title while being traded mid-season?
*win the scoring title as a defenseman?
be credited with a goal as a goaltender?
be suspended for more than 15 games?
score 50 goals in a season?
score more than 50 goals in a season?
score 50 goals in less than 50 games?
record 100 assists in a season?
win the scoring title with less than 100 pts in a non-lockout year after the league adopted the 80 game schedule?
record 100 points in a season as a defenseman without being named Bobby?
record 100 points while being traded mid-season?
record 100 points with 2 different teams?
*win the scoring title as a teenager?
*win the Hart trophy while being traded mid-season?
be named captain of his team as a teenager?
reach 1000 career games played as a goaltender?
*score 100 points while playing for the team that comes in dead last in the overall standings?
be handed 400 penalty minutes in a season?
*win the Conn Smythe trophy with 2 different teams?
win the Conn Smythe trophy without winning the Stanley Cup?
*win the Conn Smythe trophy without winning the Stanley Cup or being a goaltender?
*win 8 Stanley Cups without ever playing for the Montreal Canadiens?
*play in the league in his 50s?
register 8 points in one game?
register 7 assists in one game?
score 100 points as a rookie?

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