Social Reform Leaders in 1824-1840

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Can you name the Social Reform Leaders in 1824-1840?

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Reform TypeLeaderDescription
 Movements led to an insane institution in Massachusetts
Women's RightsSeneca Falls; Created American Equal Rights Association
Anti-SlaveryMajor Speaker; Former Slave
Anti- Slavery and Women's Right'Ain't I a Woman' spoken at Ohio Women's Rights Convention
Anti-SlaveryFounded the American Anti-Slavery Society
EducationTrained women to be teachers
Anit-SlaveryWoman that led fight against Slavery
Women's RightsWrote Declaration of Sentiments
Women's RightsSeneca Falls;Visit with her and then set up Seneca Falls
Right of Females1st president of the Female Moral Reform Society
Women's Education and Anit-SlaverySisters

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