Economic and Reform Movements in 1824-1840

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Can you name the Social and Reform Movements in 1824-1840?

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Name/ GroupMovementMore Information
Eli WhitneyCotten Engine
Horace MannAlong with Noah Webster
Brigham YoungMoved to Salt Lake City
Perfect SocietiesNew Harmony Indiana, Brook Farm Massachusetts
EmersonBelieved in rugged indivisudism
ChildrenFarm girls in Lowell, Massachusetts
ImmigrantsCame due to potato famine
Name/ GroupMovementMore Information
InfrastructureRailroads, Erie Canal
Alcohol'Old delvder' 'Demon Run'
Dorothea DixAganist cruetly
ImmigrantsSeen as hardworking
'Circuit Riding' PreachersCamp Meeting
Samuel Slater'Father to this movement'
WomenSeneca Falls

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