NFL Teams by Helmet Description

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Can you name the NFL teams by a description of their helmet?

Updated Feb 8, 2016

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DescriptionTeam Name
A new century gold color swirl on a millennium blue helmet
Two white letters, the first one over-lapping the second, in a scarlet colored oval outlined with *_____* metallic gold bordered by black on a *_____* metallic gold helmet
A black, powerful, and aggressive bird with red and silver accents outlined in white which resembles the sixth letter of the English alphabet on a black helmet
A native american surrounded by a gold ring and two feathers on a burgundy helmet
A gold lightning bolt outlined by navy and powder blue on a white helmet
A honolulu blue cat with white outlining and black bordering on a silver helmet
An aqua creature surrounded by a coral ring on a white helmet
A speed blue horseshoe with white dots on a white helmet
Multiple black stripes on an orange helmet
A bull head split into three divisions filled with the colors deep steel blue, battle red, and liberty white with a star replacing the spot of the eye on a deep blue steel helmet
A white and silver pirate with a black eyepatch in a black shield with the team name in white letters on a silver helmet
A black cat outlined in *______* blue on a silver helmet
Two white letters underlined by the second letter on a dark blue helmet
Two red letters in a white arrowhead outlined by a thin black line on a red helmet
A navy and grey colored aggresive-looking bird with a neon green eye on a dark *______* blue colored helmet
A white horn outlined with gold on a purple helmet
DescriptionTeam Name
The team name in white letters in a hunter green oval on a white helmet
A navy blue circle with three red stars containing a large font size of the twentieth letter of the English alphabet with a trail of *_____* blue and red flames on a white helmet
A white circle filled with the team name in black and a yellow, red, and blue astroid on a black helmet
A red flag with a white pirate skull and crossed sabres on a pewter helmet
A *______* red colored head of a bird with a goldish yellow beak outlined with black on a white helmet
The third letter of the English alphabet in the shape of a wishbone colored in with burnt orange with a white trim on a navy blue helmet
A royal blue animal charging with a slanted red stripe running down from its horn on a white helmet
The second letter of the English alphabet colored in metallic gold on a threatning-looking purple bird with a white beak with a black and metallic gold outlining on a black helmet
A navy blue star outlined in white and bordered by navy blue on a metallic silver helmet
A white colored horse head with an orange mane and a navy blue outlining all on a navy blue helmet
The seventh letter of the English alphabet filled in with white in a green oval bordered by gold on a gold helmet
A silver face with a nautical blue shadow and hat with a white star and red stripes outlined with white on a new century silver helmet
A snarling gold cat head with a teal tongue on a half black, half gold helmet
A solid orange helmet
A black fleur-de-lis with white outlining and bordered by black on an old gold helmet
A white and silver wing of a bird outlined by black and bordered by white on a midnight green helmet

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