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Fred: Hit it with your fist once, Melvin. *Melvin bangs on TV - bang, bang, bang* _______________ Melvin, you can’t fix ______________
Fred: ______________ is right, yo’ money’s goin’ straight down the toilet
Fred: I wish I had you in______________, I’d knock you out
Esther: Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, but I __________ ___________ that long.
Fred: Esther, I could stick yo’ face in some dough and make some ________________ cookies
Fred:“Excuse me, your honor; did you say that question would be better asked by his ________? Judge: Well, yes, who are you? Fred: His ______________
Lamont: Pop, the man is giving us a Steinway! Fred: The man is giving us a _______________!
Fred: Oh! This is the ___________ one! You hear that _______________? I’m comin’ to join you honey!
Grady: Halt! Or I’ll shoot! Lamont: Grady, its me. Grady: Your name’s not __________!
Fred: Well I just mixed the Boujolet with the Ripple. I call it _______________.
Fred: I still want to sow some wild oats. Lamont: At your age, you don't have no wild oats, all you got is _______________ _______________
Lamont: You're a dirty old man, ya know that? Fred: & I'm gone be one til I'm a _____ _____ ____.
Fred: We could have a little ____ & _____ now and a little ________ later. Or a little _______ now and a little _____ & ____ later.
Lamont: Pop, since you was 10, you smoked a cigarette 41 miles long. Fred: That's real ______ _______ ______ ain't it?
Fred: That's S-A-N F-O-R-D ___________.

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