Teddy Roosevelt: An American Lion

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Can you name the Life and Times of Teddy??

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Do you remember. . . answer
How old was he when he became President?
Remember the. . .
Name of Calvary he lead
Name of his first wife and daughter
He was called the 'trustbuster' for breaking up . . .
First President to win the Nobel
He created 51 bird. . .
He created 5. . .
Speak softly. . .
Symbol for the Progressive Party
Do you remember. . . answer
His face graces Mt. . . .
He was the governor of. . .
He was Assistant Secretary of . . .
Ensured the construction of this canal . . .
Had this illness when he was young
He graduated from this University
After the death of his mother and wife, he became a cattle rancher in
Name of his house in New York

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