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When you cut trees or grass and burn them to clear a field
Nomadic groups whoes food supply depends on hunting animals and collecting plants
The time when people began using bronze, rather than copper and stone to fashion tool and weapons
Skilled workers who make goods by hand
The taming of animals
Professional record keepers
A pyramid-shaped momument
Advanced cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, record keeping, and advanced technology are the
The development of skills in a specific kind of work
A way of trading goods and services without money
People who sift through dirt in a small plot of land
Highly mobile people who move from place to place foraging, or searching, for new sources of food
Man of skill
Yu have this if you can move the tip of your thumb across your hand
The stone age when people learned to polish stone tools, make pottery, grow crops, and rais animals
Ways of applying knowledge, tools, and inventions to meet your needs
Upright man
Peoples unique way of life
Humans and other creatures, such as asutralopithecines
Wise man

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