Same Name Acting Oscar Winners

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Can you name the the first name these acting Oscar winners share?

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First NameLast Names
 Caine & Douglas
 Finch & Ustinov
 Cagney, Coburn, Dunn & Stewart
 Holden & Hurt
 Lange & Tandy
 Magnani & Paquin
 Hopkins & Quinn
 Hayward & Sarandon
 Johnson & Kingsley
 De Niro, Donat & Duvall
 Arquette & Neal
 Balsam & Landau
 Brennan, Huston & Matthau
 Hayes, Hunt & Mirren
 Plummer & Walken
 Coburn & Laughton
First NameLast Names
 Astor, Pickford & Steenburgen
 Connelly, Hudson, Jones & Lawrence
 Albertson, Lemmon, Nicholson & Palance
 Connery & Penn
 Arliss, Burns, Chakiris, Clooney, Kennedy, Sanders & Scott
 Basinger & Hunter
 Andrews & Christie
 Gielgud, Houseman, Mills & Wayne
 McCambridge & Ruehl
 Kline & Spacey
 Jones & MacLaine
 Crawford & Fontaine
 Bancroft, Baxter, Hathaway & Revere
 Lukas, Muni, Newman & Scofield
 Darwell, Fonda & Wyman

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