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Can you name the major characters in orson scott card's ender's game?

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hintcharacter's name
Behind the mirror in the tower at the Bugger planet modeled after the 'End of the World'
Commander of Tiger Army
Commander of Rat Army
'Personnel officer who hired God'
Bully on Earth
Hero of the second Bugger war
Head of the game in the Battle School
Favorite target of the bully on Ender's launch
Commander of Leopard Army
Toon-leader in Dragon Army (D-Toon)
Director of primary training at the Battle School
hintcharacter's name
Bully on Ender's launch to Battle School
Commander of Rabbit Army
Commander of Dragon Army
Commander of Salamander Army
Commander of Phoenix Army
Toon-leader in Dragon Army (C-Toon)
Short soldier in Dragon Army
Toon-leader in Dragon Army (A-Toon)
Commander of Griffin Army

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