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X-Kid is on !Dos! (True or False)
Does Mike (Dirnt) sing a solo on the song 'Sex, Drugs, and Violence'?
How long did Billie Joe go to rehab for (This was made in May 2013)
The album !Dos! came out in 1.) November, 2.) September, 3.) December
Kill the DJ is track _ on !Uno!?
What song starts with 'Turn out the light. Close your eyes'?
____ Bones
Amy (on Dos) is about Amy Winehouse? (True or False)
Who's face was on the cover of !Tre!
Rusty James is a Green Day song? (True or False)
What is total number of songs on !Uno!, !Dos!, and !Tre!
Did Jason White (Guitar) ever get added to the band?

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