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Jesus calls him 'the rock' on which He builds His Church
He refuses to worship a golden statue made by Nebuchadnezzar
After passing the Red Sea, she sang a song
He was the insurrectionary whom Pontius Pilate freed at the Passover feast in Jerusalem
His daughter rose from the death with the words 'Little girl, I say to you, get up!'
He was the nephew of the patriarch Abraham
He was the first biblical murderer
He anointed the first two kings of the Kingdom of Israel: King Saul and King David
He climbed in a sycamore tree to see Jesus
He wrote most Psalms
Son of a carpenter, rose on the third day after his death
She is the mother of John the Baptist
He built a huge ark to carry 8 people and animals
Under his command the Jews entered the promised land
She was very busy while her sister Mary stays at the feet of Jesus
He lost his power of cutting of his hair
He gave names to lots of animals
Satan challenges his integrity, proposing to God that he serves Him just for His protection.
He was the grandfather of Solomon
Famous for eating locusts and wild honey in the wilderness

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